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"See You In Court" is now online!
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We now have our first album "See You in Court" on line. Please enjoy. This record was produced in Silver Spring, MD at Track Recorders. All the contributors on this project were local and many have gone on to have successful music careers. A must to check out is the guitar work of Steuart Smith. Of particular interest to guitarists would be "For You" and "In Love Again". Check out his nylon string arrangement on "Let It Come from inside You". No wonder he toured with The Eagles, among his other accolades.

Other local notables include Mark Greenhouse for bringing some civility to the project and for bringing in quality musicians to work on the album. Gerry Wyckoff, who owned the studio, got us the record deal. Bill McCullough engineered some early tracks before heading to Florida to work with Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band. Bill was the only person who liked "Women of Love".

Another well known DC musician on guitar was Frank Michels. Check out his contributions on "Heart in the City" and "See You in the Morning". Many of you may remember Frank for his contributions to the band Silver Spring. Other players included Thadeus Colbreath II on drums, and Ron Bolz on bass.

 Russ 'n' Paul - "30 Years"
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30 Years - CD cover

All songs written by Russell Jones & Paul Murray

Guitar & Vocals - Russ 'n' Paul

Drums - Noel White

Bass - Jay Turner

Special thanks to Tony Conlin (lead guitar) and
Meg Murray (additional vocals) on "Can't Stop The Night"

Recorded/Mastered at Mill Creek Studio, Arnold, MD

Copyright 2013 Russell Jones & Paul Murray

All Rights Reserved.

Song Samples From "30 Years"

Song Samples From Our
"See You In Court" LP (1978)
Dr. Jones and
the Prescriptions

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Dr. Jones and the Prescriptions was an EP of original songs recorded by Annapolis area musicians in 2004. Completely under the radar except for the extensive air play of the satirical "Homies in Jamaica" on college radio "underground" stations, few people have heard these recordings.

The players are:

Russell Jones - Guitar and Vocals
Michael McHenry - Lead Guitar
Eric Bouchard - Bass
Roy Hottel - Drums

The recording was done at LPS Studio which at that time was located in Annapolis, Maryland.

Song Samples From
"Dr. Jones and the Prescriptions"