The Grey Legends "Ride Again" EP

The songwriting team of Russell Jones and Paul Murray, aka, The Grey Legends are at it again. This time with a new recording that, keeping with tradition, displays the various songwriting genres that keeps us motivated. We have sought the help of two different producers on this effort to help us explore our “contemporary” style and our Americana roots style. If you enjoy our music, Please support our creative efforts and download our music. Thanks.

Blue   (purchase full song for $ 1.29)
Captured By An Angel   (purchase full song for $ 1.29)
When You Love Somebody   (purchase full song for $ 1.29)
Children Of The World   (purchase full song for $ 1.29)
Sunshine   (purchase full song for $ 1.29)

The Grey Legends "Ride Again" Credits:
"Children Of The World"

Produced by - Lou deLise, deLise Studios
Acoustic Guitars and Vocals - Russ 'n' Paul
Keyboards & Drums - Lou deLise
Electric Guitar - Alan Slutsky
Bass - Steve Beskrone
Sax - Carl Cox
Recorded at deLise Studios
Mastered at Masterwork Recording, Peter Humphrey, prop.
"Captured By An Angel"

Produced by - Jim Ebert, Cue Recording
Acoustic Guitars - Russell Jones and Paul Murray
Keyboards - Jim Ebert
Drums - Andy Hamburger
Electric guitars and additional acoustic guitars - Buddy Spear
Bass - Eric Scott
Recorded at Cue Recording
Mastered at Masterwork Recording